About Us

Our Mission 

Beyond Technique aims to provide a nurturing and relaxed environment where practical continuing education classes can provide the participant with useful skills that can transform their practice and their lives. 


Our Vision


To nurture a community of dedicated massage professionals, whose desire is to serve humanity through touch, by training them and providing a network of opportunities through partnerships with organizations that serve those whose lives have been ravaged by disease and trauma.

Our Philosophy

A seminal learning experience extends beyond theory and technique and transforms the student personally and professionally.

Our Core Values

Excellence - We seek professional presenters  with a broad knowledge base and extensive experience in their field of expertise, knowing that both enhance the education of the student.

Respect - We commit to honor each individual's process both in and outside the classroom, knowing that we must meet others 'where they are' to enable significant learning to transpire.

Compassion - We foster an understanding of life's hardships, knowing that any given moment might place us in someone else's shoes.

Transformation - We are committed to  professional and personal growth, acknowledging that both are necessary to provide the highest quality of teaching and service.

Mentorship - We embrace the time-honored tradition of mentorship offering one-to-one facilitation both in and outside our classroom. 

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