Massage and the Body's Energy

Techniques that transform the energy of soft tissue


8 CE  Hours         $100

When: upon request (call Pam at 423-718-8925)


Where: 7710 Gann Rd, Hixson, TN 37343



This class takes an in-depth look at energy and how it is manifested in the world around us and, in particular, our bodies. Phenomena such as the piezoelectric effect and entrainment are presented to help the participant understand how different forms of bodywork, such as myofascial release, affect human tissue on a physiological level. Research will be provided to show how our understanding of energy and the human body not only informs us how to use massage as treatment but has also led to allopathic treatments such as ultrasound for broken bones. There will be a demonstration of several massage techniques known to be effective through the transformation of energy in the tissues.

The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and demonstration..

What to bring / wear: Writing material. Wear comfortable clothing.

Teacher: Pam Dent

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