Research Literacy

3 CE Hours     $30


When: provided upon request (call Pam at 423-718-8925)



Where: 7710 Gann Rd Hixson, TN 37343


Research Literacy will discuss the importance of research for the massage profession and thus the need for massage therapists to keep up to date on the latest information informing their practice.  The class will look at the history of massage therapy research and provide a list of web sites and journals where peer reviewed literature can be found.

A research paper will be examined to enable the participant to better understand the process and outcome of research and the meaning of the vocabulary and concepts of a research project.

Differences between peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed literature will be explained to help the massage therapist determine the most reliable information available.  Participants will be introduced to articles from the International Journal of Massage Therapy and Bodywork, a trade magazine and a popular magazine to note the difference in language and documentation


What to bring: note taking material

Teacher: Pam Dent



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